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Landes Course

Level 2: Landes

After you have completed your Anwärter course, you can take another step up to the Landes course. ‘Landes’ is the second level of the Austrian qualification system for ski and snowboard instructors. With your Landes diploma, you get a higher salary at a ski school and you are qualified to teach advanced skiing and snowboarding. After obtaining your Anwärter diploma you have to gain a few weeks of experience at a ski school before you can start the Landes course. During this course, the speed goes up considerably and you learn to ski and snowboard properly and safely off-piste. The Landes course takes place entirely in Austria.

Landes for skiërs

Landes 1
The first part of the Landes course focuses on dynamic skiing on the piste and in the Gelände (off-piste), giant slalom and moguls. This part lasts ten days.
Safe and responsible off-piste skiing with groups. Takes seven days.
Landes 2
The second part of the Landes training. Focused on improving your own skills and teaching advanced students.

After completing these three partial courses, you will be awarded your Landes ski instructor diploma.

Landes for snowboarders

Carving on the piste, giant slalom, freeriding and freestyling are the main components of Landes courses. The Landes course for snowboarders takes ten days.
The first introduction to safe and responsible off-piste boarding. Takes seven days.

With these two partial courses, you will have your snowboard Landes diploma.

Participation conditions

The prerequisite for starting the Landes course is that you must have worked for a ski school for at least three weeks. You must also have trained well at the ski school and in your free time. During the Landes course, a great deal is expected of your own skills. Carving on the piste, Giant Slalom, freeriding (Gelände), moguls for skiers and freestyle (piste tricks, boxes and kickers) for snowboarders. Each section must be completed positively before you can officially receive your Landes diploma.

We are happy to give you personal advice on this course. Please contact Snowsports for more information.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a Landes course?

The ‘Landes’ course is your second level of the Austrian qualification system. With your Landes diploma, you are qualified to teach advanced and more advanced students on and off-piste (but still within reach of the lifts of the ski area). During this programme, your technique will be further refined and your pace will increase significantly. So there are more demands on your skills!

The Landes ski instructor course consists of three courses: Landes 1, Landes 2 and an Alpinkurs. During this programme, you will take on many mogul skiing and off-piste activities. You will also learn more about Schulefahren and the Giant Slalom (GS).

The Landes snowboard instructor consists of two courses: Landes and an Alpinkurs. During this course, you will learn a lot about freestyling and off-piste. Furthermore, you will learn a lot more about Schulefahren and the Giant Slalom (GS).

For a Landes course, you must be in possession of avalanche equipment: beeper, probe and shovel.

With which course do I go offpiste?

From your Landes train on ‘Gelände’, offpiste. For skiers, Landes 1 already offers off-piste training and mogul skiing. At the Alpinkurs you actually go into the mountains and learn everything you need to know to teach groups off-piste.

Take a look at the Landes course for more information!

When can I do the Landes course

The Landes course is for Anwärter ski and snowboard instructors who want to get even better, go even faster and learn a lot more about skiing or snowboarding!

After you have obtained your Anwärter diploma, you have to teach at the ski school for at least three weeks before you can start this course. If after that you would like to learn more and teach better groups as well as earning more, you can enrol for the Landes course.

How long does the Landes course take?

A Landes ski course consists of three parts:
Landes 1 takes ten days
Landes 2 takes ten days
Alpinkurs of seven days
Each part is completed with theoretical and practical exams.

For snowboarders, the course is shorter:
Landes takes ten days
Alpinkurs takes seven days

The Landes course is organised throughout the winter season. Please contact us to ask when this is!

What additional skills should I have?

During the Landes training, the level and pace go up considerably. You must have experience with the Giant Slalom (GS), moguls and off-piste. You will also have to perform all the techniques of the ‘Schulefahren’ even better.

For snowboarders, the level and pace also go up a lot. You must have experience with off-piste and the Giant Slalom (GS). You will also have to perform all the techniques of ‘Schulefahren’ even better. And of course, more freestyle techniques are expected of you. Think of an easy/medium line kicker jumping (with grab), a 50-50 on a box, ollies, nollies, tail press, nose press, switch turns, nose roll, tail roll and backside and frontside 180’s.

What material do I need for the Landes course?

Because you also go off-piste with the Landes programme, an avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe are compulsory to carry with you. In addition, you can think of special off-piste skis/snowboard, race skis/snowboard or a freestyle snowboard. You can take some stiffer, longer and heavier material to keep control at higher speeds.

All courses are subject to a helmet requirement! .

If you still have questions, take a look at the frequently asked questions or feel free to ask us a question. Click on dates and prices below to register for a free online webinar or to enrol a course.

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