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Online German Course

German for ski instructors

The Anwärter course is an official Austrian course. The entire course is therefore in Austrian. This is German with a dialect. You must therefore be able to understand and speak a little German, as well as read and write. There are no strict controls on pronunciation and grammar, but there are strict controls on content and knowledge. Our experience has shown that by understanding all the terminology and techniques in English first, learning the German translation is only a matter of time.

Online German Course

This course is specially designed to prepare you for both the training and the ski instructor life. Most people, especially your Ausbilders (Austrian Instructors) and your future boss will expect you to be able to understand and speak German. You are not required to have a perfect command of the language, but it is important to know the basics and especially the concepts. This course will help you! Viel Glück!

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What is in the course?

Free Online German Course

In addition to the ski instructors Online German Course we also offer the basic German course. You can follow this course without any obligation.

Education First German course

In addition to the ski instructors Online German Course, we also offer a German course on location in Munich in cooperation with Education First. You decide for yourself how long your preparation will take, 2 weeks, or rather 2 months? The choice is yours!

Book your German course with EF at an attractive discount of up to 25%.

The offer is valid until 14 November and full = full.

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Frequently asked questions

How good should my German be?

All ski instructor training and snowboard instructor training courses are provided by Austrian instructors. In Austria they speak German with a dialect, so basic knowledge of the German language is needed. Luckily you can prepare well for this with Snowsports. The most important thing is that you can understand the language, you can prepare for this by following the German news or watching a German cartoon. Besides listening, you also need to be able to speak, introduce yourself and what ‘small talk’ is enough. You have to stand in front of the group and then give a lesson as an exam assignment. During the theory, you will deal with material from a textbook, so you will also have to read and write down the answers to the exam in German. This will be judged on content, so a grammatical error is not a problem at all.

Snowsports has a Online German course in which we discuss professional terms and the basic knowledge of understanding, speaking, reading and writing in German. Everyone who would like to improve his or her German language skills is advised to follow this language course!

Can I do more than just the Online German course?

A classic German proverb reads “üben macht den Meister. In other words, practice makes perfect. For example, you can follow the German news or watch a German cartoon. Some even choose to watch German series.

How long does the Online German course take?

You can do the Online German Course entirely in your own time. You can plan an hour or two a few days and then you’ll be well on your way!

If you still have questions, take a look at the frequently asked questions or feel free to ask us a question. Click on dates and prices below to register for a free online webinar or to enrol a course.

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