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Ski schools

The best ski schools!

Imagine that you are about to go to Austria to give ski lessons. With your Anwärter in your pocket to the life of a real ski instructor. Or are you still looking for the best ski school? Below is a list of some of the ski schools with which we have built up a good relationship over the years. It is possible that you are looking for a specific ski school that is not listed here. Please contact us and we will be happy to help you. We offer a job guarantee for ski instructors at the best ski schools!

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Ski schools

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Frequently asked questions

Can I change ski schools during the season?

Switching to another ski school hardly happens during a season. We see that new ski instructors almost always have a super click at their ski school. That is why they often want to stay there. It is also difficult for ski schools. They buy a lift pass for you, which they can throw away if you suddenly go to another ski school.

Unfortunately, it can happen very often that you and the ski school don’t get along. In that case, try to talk to your ski school first. If you cannot find a solution, you can always contact us. Then we will look for a suitable solution together!

Can I be placed at a ski school with a few friends?

Often this is possible. Include in your email with CV and motivation letter who you would like to be placed with at a ski school. Then we will get to work on it.

If you still have questions, take a look at the frequently asked questions or feel free to ask us a question. Click on dates and prices below to register for a free online webinar or to enrol a course.